about cloudniko

A queer millenial doing their best to create art and stay positive during our current apocalypse. 

2020 was a lot. I've struggled to handle my emotions my whole life, but never as much as I was at the start of last year- just before the pandemic arrived. I hit a wall of confusion and frustration, pressed the self-destruct button and watched my whole life fall apart around me. Then lockdown came and I found myself truly alone for the first time in my life, with no idea what I wanted from life and no real sense of who I was any more.

As the dust started to settle, I turned to abstract art as a safe way of releasing the noise in my brain. Through my paintings and photography, I'm keeping an almost-diary of the world through the lens of my mind. It rarely makes much sense, but I like to think there's beauty in the fact that we're all wired a little bit differently.


I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD and after struggling to accept that for some time, I'm in a place now where I would like to raise a bit of awareness of what that can look like- because if you're anything like me, you've got it all wrong.
Before my official diagnosis, I definitely had a misunderstanding of the condition as a whole; but as I learn more and more I'm truly thankful to finally have a reason for so many of the struggles I've battled with my whole life.